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Encircled German area in Latvia at the end of World War II

Welcome to my site       

Stamp from the start
of Saudi Arabia

The idea of this site is to show my stamp collection at the same time as it can function as a dictionary for other stamp collectors.

The site is based on the history of each single country from 1850 to the year 2000. If exciting changes have happened since 2000, then until today. Each country is divided into a number of periods and each period is presented by 3 stamps, which represent the period and the country as well as possible.  The division into periods is subjective, but follows as far as possible political changes and/or change of the appearance of stamps or change of currency.

Stamps are included in those countries, where they have been in use, not the country of publication. The most countries are shown on two pages. The first page follows the capital and the second page follows provinces, where they use other stamps than in the capital.

I have not included the rest of Europe and America, therefore I am looking for one or two cooperation partners, who are experts on these two areas and who would like to make something similar. If you are english-speaking, I will change my part into English.

 This is not Red Cross, but one of the first stamps of Tonga

If you have comments to my site, I would be pleased to hear from you. to send mail.
                                                              Aage Nicolaisen, Denmark
The site contains following:

- Middle East from Cyprus and Turkey to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

- The Far East from India to China and Japan

- Eastern Europe with  the Baltic Countries, Russia and Ukraine.

- Kaukasus and Centralasia from Georgia to Kyrgyzstan

- Africa from Tunesia to South Africa and from Cape Verde to Seychelles

- Oceania with Australia and New Zealand plus all the island states and Antarctica